G3 celebrates grand opening of new high-efficiency elevator in Saskatchewan

WINNIPEG, August 14, 2019 - G3 is celebrating today the grand opening of its new high-efficiency elevator in Maidstone, Saskatchewan.

G3 hosted customers, industry partners, local officials and our new neighbours at the event.

Like our other modern grain elevators across Western Canada, G3 Maidstone features fast truck-unloads that save farmers' time, and a railway loop track that can quickly load a 150-car train and keep grain moving to market. The elevator has a 42,000-tonne capacity.

"G3 Maidstone is the latest addition to our growing network of high-efficiency facilities," says G3 President and CEO Don Chapman. "We're excited to be part of another vibrant farming community and look forward to getting to know our new customers and neighbours. We're confident they'll be impressed with our fast, efficient service."

FWS was the general contractor for the new facility.

G3 Maidstone is located on CN rail, providing great access to market, and to G3 Terminal Vancouver when it becomes operational in 2020.

G3 has five more elevators currently under construction in Alberta, with one due to open this year and the rest in 2020.


About G3 
G3 was created with the vision of building a smarter path from farmers' fields to global markets. Today, G3 is transforming the way grain moves with an expanding network of facilities that set new standards for fast, safe and reliable operations. We focus on efficiency to create opportunity for our customers across Canada and around the world. G3 Terminal Vancouver, a state-of-the art export facility due to open in 2020, will add more speed and efficiency to our grain supply chain. G3 is a Canadian company, and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba


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August 14, 2019