Futures Choice Pool Contract

Is it for me?
You're bullish on futures, you know when you want to deliver, but you don't want to be tied to basis levels at the time of delivery. Available in Western Canada only.

How does it work?
Basis is averaged throughout the pooling period. G3's pool management fee puts a ceiling on local basis levels. Lock in your futures whenever you want during the pooling period. Futures target pricing is available. Choose from three different time frames:

What should I think about?

  • It is not unusual for futures to comprise over 90% of your final price. This component of your price will rise and fall with the markets until you lock it in.
  • Your basis cannot be locked in.
  • Futures Choice Pools uniquely manage basis risk. Receive an initial payment upon delivery, and receive a top-up payment after pricing your futures. Receive your final net payment when all grain in the pool has been sold, establishing the pooled basis. 
Grain Early Delivery Pool
sign-up deadline
Annual Pool
sign-up deadline
Winter Pool
sign-up deadline
Act of God
Eligible grades
Wheat Early October Early November February Nos. 1,2,3 CWRS
Canola Early October Early November February No. 1 Canada Canola 
Soybeans Early October     Nos. 1,2 Canada Soybeans

*On all unpriced tonnes. 

To learn more, contact your local G3 elevator.