Farmers Equity

Farmers Equity Plan

G3 Canada Limited is establishing a highly efficient coast-to-coast Canadian grain enterprise designed to provide a unique competitive alternative to farmers, and superior service to customers and stakeholders.

G3 Canada's assets range from inland grain and deep-sea port terminals stretching from Leader, Saskatchewan to Québec City, Québec, to Great Lake grain transport vessels and a fleet of grain hopper cars. The vertical integration of these assets along the agricultural commodity chain forms the basis of a smarter path from Canadian fields to global markets.

G3 Canada Limited is proud to introduce an opportunity for Western Canadian farmers to gain an ownership stake in its future structure as a privatized and Canadian-focused grain company.

Why the Farmers Equity Plan is good for you

The Farmers Equity Plan is the only opportunity in Canada that enables farmers to have a significant equity interest in a new coast-to-coast grain company. For every tonne of grain delivered to G3 Canada Limited, farmers will receive competitive pricing, industry leading risk management, and at no cost to them, $5 in trust units.

We have been tracking farmers’ deliveries since August 2013. These and future deliveries against G3 contracts will be eligible for trust units until the total amount has been fully allocated.

Together we are stronger

  • Western Canadian farmers gain a new world class competitor
  • Farmers have substantial equity in a growing coast-to-coast grain company
  • Investment in infrastructure provides more market choices for producers
  • Growing network of strategic grain handling assets
  • A company with experience in grain handling, industry expertise and superior knowledge of international trade

Read the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information. 

Check this page often - additional information on the Farmer Equity Plan will be coming in the near future. 

* trust units refer to CWB Farmers Equity Trust Units

Frequently Asked Questions - Farmer Equity Plan

​1. What are the risks to the plan?

None. Given the plan costs nothing for farmers to join, there is only upside. If G3 Canada Limited does well, farmers’ equity grows. If it does not, farmers lose nothing as it cost nothing to join.

​2. Who is responsible for the administration of the Farmer Equity Plan?

The Farmers Equity Trust has been established to hold and manage the equity held by the Farmers Equity Trust in G3 Canada Limited and oversee the distribution of the trust units to farmers who are participants in the plan.  The trust is overseen by three independent trustees, one of whom represents the trust on G3’s Board of Directors.

​3. What tonnes are eligible for the plan?

Any delivered tonnes contracted with CWB and G3 Canada Limited in 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16 are eligible, including both pool and cash contracts. Delivered tonnes at Mission Terminal, Prairie West Terminal or Great Sandhills Terminal after their respective dates of acquisition by CWB are also eligible. 

​4. How do I join the plan and what does it cost?

Farmers with eligible tonnes don’t need to do anything to join the plan as we have kept a record of all deliveries since August 1, 2013, including the names of farmers and all eligible tonnes delivered.

​5. Do farmers have to participate in the plan?

No, participation is entirely voluntary. To opt out of the program, simply contact us.

​6. Will farmers have to pay tax?

Farmers will not pay any tax when they receive the equity. They only pay tax when they receive a benefit from it, similar to how other investments work. The tax rate will depend on individual tax situations.

​7. When will the program end?

It doesn't end. However, when all the equity has been distributed there will be no new equity allocated.