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About G3 Leader

G3 Leader is a 23,500 tonne capacity high-throughput grain handling facility that sits on the Great Sandhills Rail line near Leader, Saskatchewan. The facility is involved in receiving, cleaning for export and shipping a variety of cereal grains.

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Travis Feiffer, Farm Business Representative
Office: 306-628-4452
Cell: 306-628-8122

Jamie Brown, Farm Business Representative

Office: 306-​628-4452
Cell: 306-628-8​406


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Hours of operation:
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm 
Driveway Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm (July 1st to September 1st)

Telephone and Email:
Toll Free: 1-877-478-1999 
Phone: 306-628-4452
Fax: 306-628-3330

Mailing address:
G3 Leader
Highway 32 
Box 746 
Leader, SK  S0N 1H0 

Grain Marketing:

We are here to service your growing needs! We understand the needs of our producers, and the challenges they face getting their crop to market. We are committed to finding the best opportunities to export Canadian grain to the world.

Ways to Sell/Market Grain:

Cash Price/Street Delivery

We provide live pricing for Durum, Red Spring Wheat, Canola, Yellow Peas, Rye, Malt Barley, and an assortment of feed grain. The prices are available in person, by phone, or by logging into our Cash Bids portal. We also provide convenient pricing via text message for those who wish to subscribe.

Deferred Price Contract

When available, we offer deferred pricing on an assortment of grains. Please contact one of our Farm Business Representatives (FBRs),Melinda Roast or Travis Feiffer, for details. Deferred pricing contracts are simply contracts that enable the producer to deliver at a future specified date for a set price. Some contracts are done on a basis level against popular futures while others are flat priced.

Target Price Contract

If you are looking for a particular price level for your crop that currently isn't available, you may contract a specified price and set an expiry date within 30, 60 or 90 days. These contracts are hassle-free and assist our marketing department to find sales that match your needs.

G3 Contracts

G3 offers a variety of programs to suit your diverse business needs. Pooling your grain means that you benefit from G3's established expertise in risk management, as well as contracting and delivery flexibility. Choose from three pooling periods and spread your risk over a six or twelve-month window. Plus, you have the option to lock in your own futures value with the Futures Choice pools. G3 also offers three types of cash contracts, giving you the tools to capitalize on market rallies. You can mix and match G3 pool and cash contracts to achieve the right fit for your farm and your crops. See which G3 contract programs are available now in our Farmer Marketing Options section.

Market Pricing
Through our easy-to-use portal, users can access real-time cash pricing. Plus, members can subscribe for free to our text message service, which sends pricing directly to your phone as information becomes available. Login here for our Cash Bids or Subscribe to our Cash Bids.

We are proud to offer a range of pricing options, including cash contracts to capture the price you want and G3's popular pools to manage your risk. Please visit G3's web site using the links below to learn more about its programs, or contact one of our Farm Business Representatives.

See also:

2015-16 Pools

G3 Cash contracts

Grain Supply:

If you are looking to buy Durum, Red Spring Wheat, Canola, Yellow Peas, Rye, Barley, Red Lentils or an assortment of feed grains, please submit a request for a quote to or call us at 306-628-4452.

Grain Cleaning Services:
G3 Leader provides grain cleaning services and we clean Wheat, Durum, Rye and Triticale to export standards.

We've updated our Cash Bids log-in page. If you have trouble logging in, please contact G3 Leader. 

October update for 2016-17 Early Delivery  and Annual Pools

October update for 2016-17 Early Delivery and Annual Pools

G3 Canada Limited today released updated Pool Return Outlooks (PROs) for the 2016-17 Early Delivery and Annual pools, including Futures Choice Pools. Compared to the last PRO released in September, projected returns are up significantly for all pools with the exception of soybeans. Projected returns for wheat Futures Choice pools are up, while canola and soybean Futures Choice is lower...

October 13, 2016 Read More

G3 celebrates grand opening of Glenlea facility

G3 celebrates grand opening of Glenlea facility

G3 Canada Limited today celebrated the grand opening of G3 Glenlea, a high efficiency primary elevator in Glenlea, Manitoba.

October 5, 2016 Read More

G3’s new high efficiency elevators open for business

G3’s new high efficiency elevators open for business

G3 Canada Limited today announced the official opening of two new high efficiency grain terminals in Pasqua, Saskatchewan, and Glenlea, Manitoba.

June 9, 2016 Read More

G3 Canada Limited Announces Construction of New Grain Terminal

G3 Canada Limited Announces Construction of New Grain Terminal

G3 Canada Limited (G3), a newly formed Canadian agribusiness, announced today that it will construct a new lake terminal at the Port of Hamilton to originate grains and oilseeds out of Southern Ontario for export to global markets.

October 13, 2015 Read More

We See The Potential

We're proud to officially launch G3 Canada Limited

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